Мягкая мебель в современном стиле
Мягкая мебель в современном стиле - фото 1 Мягкая мебель в современном стиле - фото 2 Мягкая мебель в современном стиле - фото 3 Мягкая мебель в современном стиле - фото 4

Мягкая мебель в современном стиле

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Marina Baki, sales Manager
на Флагма с 19 сентября 2018

Our company produces soft furniture under LESA HOME brand name. We produce soft furniture for bedrooms and living rooms, both in single version, and in collections.
Models are made in a modern and elegant style, we constantly follow and introduce into our production innovative and functional models that help in the hygiene of sleep. Our furniture is ergonomic and made of quality raw materials. Careful manual work, thoughtful collections along with advanced technologies will change your lifestyle, bringing comfort and quality to it.
We provide our customers with services after purchasing our products, which ensures their satisfaction.
We are ready to cooperate with you at any level, starting with single orders only of mattresses, or sofas, and ending with the sale of the entire product line under our brand.

If you are interested, write, and we will send you an electronic catalogue of our products or visit our website.

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